Completely Entertained: The Digital Nomad Edition

Hello Completely Entertained readers!

Firstly apologies for the slowdown in content, I thought it would be an idea to let you people know what’s up. Don’t worry, everything’s cool like Fonzie but I am soon to be leaving my home country next month, I have sold everything that I cant take with me and going nomad for the next several years through Europe. Fear not, new articles and content will still be forthcoming, it also gives me access to cover more interesting things internationally. For example visiting Game of Thrones shooting locations, seeing some EDM shows and maybe some artist interviews and possibly a film festival or 3. My travel and lifestyle blog Don’t Care Where will be covering where I’m at, what I’m up to and where I’m going.

For my European readers please let me know about anything I should be covering or visiting on my travels.

I will also be releasing COMPANY a Post-Singularity Contact-Centre Sci Fi thriller (Yeah, wrap your mind around that for a second) I am halfway finished writing in a short story format. I’ll be dropping this weekly, a chapter at a time, as 7000 words plus in one hit is a little much even for the thousand words minimum long form posts you are used to here. The header image for this post is inspired by the story.

I hope to include more posts with my own illustrations. So far the header images on the following articles are my own work, generated on an iPad using Procreate and  an Adonit Jot Touch stylus (including this one!)

Frank Lloyd Wright: A Future Civilization’s Cautionary Architect

5 underground EDM bands that make Daft Punk seem lazy

6 reasons Guardians of the Galaxy heralds the comic book movie implosion

Also to keep creative on the music front I’ll be seeing what I can do just using mobile music making apps for production and giving some reviews on my progress and results.

I am looking to have more content contributors as currently I’m a one man show for both sites and although I am a content dynamo I would like more varied content than just my frenzied scribblings. So if you are interested in sharing your art, writing or whatever makes you awesome by all means get in touch through the options below and  try your hand as a contributor.

Finally a huge thank-you to you the readers! Seeing thousands of readers in the past months from all over the world has been really mind blowing, this inspires me every day to be creative in all aspects. If you enjoy what you read share it like it, spread the word and drop me a comment most of all!

For a long time I was trapped in the self critical cycle of thinking “Well someone else out there is bound to be doing the exact same thing I am, what do I have to offer?” The truth is, it doesn’t matter, the one thing everyone else’s content is missing is they aren’t you. Seeing things through your unique lens and describing it in a way that you find entertaining is all you need.

Best advice is to start producing content, you’ll find your unique style and voice and it will only get better the more you do.

And I still have much to do.

As always readers, keep being awesome!




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